Debate 3 (Between 8.30pm and 10.00pm on Thursday 30 April)

The final results for debate 3 were:
Overall:2,157,964 slaps
Cameron:1,205,542 slaps (56%)
Clegg:254,876 slaps (12%)
Brown:697,546 slaps (32%)
Million slap markers:
Total slaps reached 1 million at 8.40pm or 41 minutes in.
Total slaps reached 2 million at 21.58, or 88 minutes in.
Cameron was the only candidate to reach 1 million slaps at 9.50pm or 80 minutes in.
Most slapped moments:
1. 9.07pm - Cameron on bankers’ bonuses.
2. 9.53pm - Cameron on tax credits
3. 9.22pm - Cameron on Lib Dems’ immigration amnesty
Leaders’ slapformance:
Brown led the slaps significantly in the day before the debate (a reaction to his ‘gaffgate’ overheard ‘bigoted woman’ comment the day before?)
But, for the third time in a row, Cameron led the slaps during the live TV debate – this time with a massive 56% of all slaps (up from 50% in debates 1 and 2).
After an increase in slappage last week, Clegg was back to 12% - the same share he had in debate 1.
Brown has got progressively less annoying across the debate, with 38% in debate 1, 34% in debate 2, and just 32% in debate 3.

Debate 2 (Between 8.00pm and 9.30pm on Thursday 16 April)

The final results for debate 2 were:
Overall:2,533,558 slaps
Cameron:1,280,323 slaps (50%)
Clegg:399,486 slaps (16%)
Brown:853,749 slaps (34%)
Time to 1 million slaps:
Total slaps reached 1 million at 8.40pm or 41 minutes in. (It took 51 minutes in debate 1).
Cameron was the only candidate to reach 1 million slaps at 9.18pm (78 minutes in).
Leaders’ slapformance:
Cameron led the slaps again, once more receiving almost exactly half of all slaps meted out.
Clegg was slapped more in debate 2 (soaking up 16% of slaps this week, compared to 12% last week).
Brown was most improved, only receiving 34% of slaps this week (compared to 38% last week), and with no entries in the top 3 most slapped moments
Most slapped moments:
1. 9.24pm - Cameron on immigration
2. 9.00pm - Cameron on ‘Labour’s lying leaflets’
3. 9.22pm - Cameron on Afghanistan
Total slaps were down on last week (2,533,558 total slaps this week vs. 2,966,005 last week).
Number of slappers (unique visitors) was also down (13k visits this week vs. 20k last week).
Was this reduction due to less people watching because the debate was on Sky News?
Lots of people left Slapometer after around 30 mins (when the candidates were talking about the environment – one of the flattest moments for slapping). Were they turning off, bored?
But this week’s visitors slapped more (192 average slaps per visitor last week vs. 148 average slaps per visitor last week).

Debate 1 (Between 8.30pm and 10pm on Thursday 16 April)

The final results for debate 1 were:
Clegg:341,628 slaps (12%)
Cameron:1,486,735 slaps (50%)
Brown: 1,137,642 slaps (38%)
Share of slaps:
Clegg: 12%
Cameron: 49%
Brown: 39%
Time to 1 million slaps:
Cameron was first to 1 million slaps at 9.45pm (75 minutes in)
Brown followed him at 9.56pm (86 minutes in)
Most slapped moments:
Cameron: "How can you say giving NHS staff a 7% pay rise is good for the economy" at 9.30pm
Brown and Cameron experienced peaks together every time they sparred.
The economy was the hottest topic, sustaining 850 slaps per second.
Over 20,000 people used Slapometer during debate 1
Average 336 slaps per second
Our servers momentarily crashed at 8.27pm as 800 people a second flooded onto the site ready for the start of the debate.
Twitter and Facebook vied to be the lead source of links to Slapometer during the debate.
Traffic to Slapometer doubled at around 9.20pm when @ bobbyllew (TV presenter Robert Llewellyn, with nearly 40,000 followers) retweeted about the site.
Nearly 1500 referrals to from
Just yesterday we had over 3000 referrals from Twitter to
Over 5500 referrals last night from Facebook
17% of total visitors last night were returning visitors
49% of traffic yesterday was from referral sites.

Pre-debate practice (1 April – 15 April)

Total slappage:
Total slaps: 22,163,331
Brown: 10,516,010 (47 %)
Cameron: 8,692,458 (39 %)
Clegg: 2,954,863 (14 %)
Peak slap time:
Most disgruntled slapper (most slaps per individual):
Top cities for slappers:
London (67%)
Manchester (14%)
Birmingham (2%)
Top countries:
UK (74%)
Germany (12%)
France (3%)
USA (2%)
Interesting facts:
62% of people slap all three leaders.
The Labour Party asked their activists to slap Cameron